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Squid Game Tour in Korea

Games Description

St. JOHN’S Hotel Resort Facilities


1. Red light, Green light 
(kor. Mugunghwa has bloomed)

It is a game where the participants goal is to cross the field to the opposing side and quic kly reach the tagger's location. Participants can move only when the tagger is shouting ‘Mugunghwa has bloomed’ ('Red light, Green light') and stop moving when the tagger finishes the last word ('Red light'). If someone is seen moving after the Red Light has been stated, they are out of the game. (The original rule is to go to the place where the tagger is located, touch the tagger, and then return to the original location to win the game)

2. Dalgona (Honeycomb)

In this  game each player recieves a honeycomb candy imprinted with a shape. Each participant must extract the shape undamaged from the honeycomb tin in order to win the game.


3. Tug of War (Team Match)

In this game participants are divided into 2 teams. Each team stands facing each other, grabs a large braided rope and pulls it. The point of the game is to pull the opposing team across the separating line drawn in the middle of the two teams by tugging on the rope at the same time.

4. Marbles

There are many types of games that can be played with marbles. In the show, both players have 10 marbles each and the one who collects all the marbles of the other person, wins.
1) Odd/Even Game - A game in which one person is trying to guess if the number of marbles the other person is holding in one hand is odd or even. The player bets his marbles and says if it is even or not, and if he gets it right, he gets as many marbles as the number of marbles he bet on, otherwise he loses the amount he bet to the other player.
2) Marbles – This is a game where you dig a small pit, determine a certain distance, and throw marbles into the pit. The first person to put marbles into the pit wins the game, and the winner can take all the marbles that were thrown and failed to get into the pit.  

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5. Glass Bridge
(Ordinary Glass/Tempered Glass)

The goal is to cross a Glass Bridge which consists of two types of glass panels: ordinary glass and tempered glass. One tempered glass panel can accommodate up to two people. The ordinary glass will shatter beneath the weight of a player as soon as one steps on it. The winner is the one who chooses tempered glass all the way and succeeds to cross the bridge.

Players are divided into rival teams of attackers and defenders. Both teams must be composed of the same number of people, and each team can have a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 8 people. If the attacking team succeeds in the mission, the attacking team wins, and if the defending team blocks all the attacking teams, the defending team wins.

The defending team can stand on both feet in space G and must move with only one foot in other spaces. And the defending team members are out of the game if they step on the E line or inside E zone. The defending team can also go to B zone, but only after stepping on and passing the F area.

The attacking team can move with one foot in space B. However, if they cross from area C to D (or the other way around) through area E they can step almost everywhere on both feet. The only way the attacking team wins is if at least one player crosses F, G area and step on H. Attackers who are not qualified to walk on both feet must cross the area on one foot and step on H, so it is advantageous to attack after acquiring the qualification to walk on both feet.

The defending and attacking teams can push each other with their bodies based on the rules described above. If the defending team eliminates all the members of the attacking team, the attacking team wins if even one person crosses successfully.

6. Squid Game

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